The Choral Excellence Honor Roll

Thanks to all for your commitment to the future of the choral arts!
Updated Feb. 26, 2021

Maestoso: $25,000 and above

  • Anonymous
  • The Board of Directors of Choral Arts New England
  • Former Chairs and Vice-Chairs of Choral Arts New England
  • Carrie Hammond [CT]
  • Peter Pulsifer [MA]
  • Jon Saxton and Barbara Fox [MA]

Appassionato: $10,000 – $24,999

  • Alex and Patricia Vance [CT]

Vivace: $5000 – $9999

  • Anonymous
  • Susan R Fox/Gregory Melville [CT]
  • Susan Martin [MA]
  • Nathaniel Pulsifer [MA]
  • Suzan Smith [MA]

Allegro: $1000 – $4999

  • Richard G. Brown [CT]
  • Richard M. Coffey [CT]
  • Robert Farrell [MA]
  • Mary Jean Farrington [MA]
  • Margery S. Forbes [MA]
  • Susan Fox-Erlich [CT]
  • David Giessow [MA]
  • Edward & Angelynne Hinson [NH], in honor of Carolyn Scobey Hinson Lakes, an avid choral singer for most of her life
  • Adrian Jones [MA]
  • John Kefferstan [DC]
  • Amelia LeClair [MA]
  • Cailin Manson [MA]
  • Catharine Melhorn [MA], in honor of Scott Metcalfe
  • Voce, Inc. [CT]
  • Ellen Gilson Voth [CT]
  • Edward Wertheim [MA]
  • Majie Zeller and David Kravitz [MA], in memory of Martha H. Zeller, an alto who was chair of the board of the Susquehanna Valley Chorale for many years

Cantabile: Up to $999

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Gail Abbey [MA]
  • Susan Adams [CT]
  • Gail Amato [CT]
  • Stuart C. Battle [CT]
  • Mary Brody [MA]
  • Marguerite Brooks [CT]
  • Gregory Brown [MA]
  • Valerie Brown [ME]
  • Jeffrey Buettner [VT]
  • Thomas Cooke [CT]
  • William Cutter [MA]
  • David M Dahlbacka [MA]
  • Martin H. Dodd [CT]
  • Jean Esselink [CT]
  • Barbara D. Howard [CT]
  • Joan Hultquist [CT]
  • Judy Hyde [CT]
  • Gerald Jones [MA]
  • Jennifer Kane [MA]
  • Sarah Kyder [CT]
  • Cathy Lanigan [NH]
  • Donald LeRoy [NH]
  • Adlyn Loewenthal [CT]
  • Lanning M. Melville [CT]
  • Nancy F. Meneely [CT]
  • Lisa Nappi [CT]
  • Dwight Porter [MA]
  • Neil Powell [NY]
  • Robert Russell [ME]
  • Julie Scolnik [MA]
  • Patricia Spackman [MA]
  • Susan Turner [MA]
  • Benjamin Van Vort [MA]
  • Cynthia Young [MA]

Number of contributions by New England state

  • Connecticut: 23
  • Maine: 2
  • Massachusetts: 28
  • New Hampshire: 3
  • Rhode Island: 0
  • Vermont: 1

Choral Arts New England named grants

Thanks to the "Maestoso" Donors who made possible these awards!

  • The Hammond Family grant, instituted by Carrie and Jonathan Hammond, is intended to support a collaborative effort or to celebrate a milestone, preferably in Connecticut. First presented in 2020.
  • The Saxton Family grant, instituted by Jonathan Saxton and Barbara Fox, is intended to support a unique, engaging effort in an underserved area or by a non-auditioned choir. First presented in 2020.
  • The Irving Forbes Centennial Grant seeks to support projects involving community choruses performing large works with orchestra and/or music that celebrates nature and the outdoors.
  • The Choral Arts New England Board grant, sponsored by contributions from the Board members of Choral Arts New England, is intended to advance the priorities of the Board in any given year. First presented in 2020.
  • The Choral Arts New England Board Chairs' grant is sponsored by contributions from the former Chairs and Vice Chairs of Choral Arts New England. First presented in 2021.

More details about these special awards can be found on elsewhere on this site.