David Hoose Commissioning Grant

David Hoose Commissioning Grant

Choral Arts New England is pleased to offer a new and exciting grant program! The David Hoose Commissioning Grant honors and continues David’s work in the New England choral community by supporting the commissioning of new choral music with instrumental accompaniment. The capital campaign for the David Hoose Commissioning Grant raised more than $50,000 from a wide range of constituents in the Boston choral community and beyond, and as a result of their generosity, Choral Arts New England is awarding a new biennial grant.

David has been an energetic force in the development of choral music in New England. As Music Director of the Cantata Singers for thirty-eight years, he brought deep musical insight, unique programming, and expertise that inspired musicians and audiences alike. A major part of his musical legacy was the championing of commissioned works for chorus and orchestra, adding new and substantive compositions to the choral repertoire. For more information on David’s history, and his dedication to new commissions for choral works with orchestral ensemble, see https://www.cantatasingers.org/davidhoose.


Choral Arts New England grants support choral music in New England. The following kinds of organizations are therefore eligible to apply for the David Hoose Commissioning Grant: 

  • New England choruses, both volunteer and professional 
  • parent organizations of New England choruses 
  • New England organizations that provide support to choral music.

All applicant organizations must be non-profit and certified by the IRS as tax-exempt. Groups or consortia planning a collaborative project can apply under the auspices of a designated fiscal agent (such as a local arts council, historical society, library, or museum) if appropriate. If you are applying under fiscal sponsorship (for example, an ensemble existing under an umbrella organization with 501(c)3 status), we require a written sponsorship agreement between the choral organization and the fiscal sponsor, testifying to the sponsor's awareness of the grant application.

The premiere of the funded commission must take place after January 1, 2025, and before the end of the 2027-28 concert season.

Application Process

Choral Arts New England has set the initial grant amount at $5,000. It is anticipated that the grant will be made every two years, although CANE reserves the right to not award a grant for any reason. Applications for the inaugural award open May 1, 2024, and must be submitted prior to August 1, 2024.

The David Hoose Commissioning Grant is intended to encourage compositions that broaden the choral repertory, rather than merely increase it. The commissioned works must honor David’s legacy, which includes support for many types of music, including music that:

  • Is adventurous
  • Is ambitious
  • Encourages performance at the highest level
  • Reaches beyond the expected
  • May reflect a social or political focus, not settling for the easy message
  • Encourages cross-cultural understanding

Criteria for evaluating grants are intentionally broad; all applications will be carefully considered, though only one grant will be awarded. 

Requests to support commissioning fees will receive strong consideration. Related expenses that may be considered for funding include the following:

  • Instrumentalist fees for performance of commissioned work
  • Vocalist fees for performance of commissioned work
  • Extraordinary production expenses or special costs associated with commissioned work

See the application form for detailed information about the application process and required materials – it can be found here.

Choral Arts New England’s Grants Committee, which consists of several members of the Board of Directors, will be joined by at least one composer of recognized stature for evaluating David Hoose Commissioning Grant applications. The Committee evaluates each eligible application in light of the funding criteria, and then makes a recommendation to the full Board, which has the ultimate authority to approve the award.

If you are awarded

The funded organization will be invited to Choral Arts New England’s Awards Ceremony in the fall of the year for which the grant is awarded (this cycle, in October or November 2024), and at least one representative of the grant-receiving organization is expected to attend the ceremony and give a brief presentation / update on the project.

All published materials and announcements regarding your project must give credit to CHORAL ARTS NEW ENGLAND with references such as the following: “This project is supported in part by the David Hoose Commissioning Grant from Choral Arts New England.” Full acknowledgment guidelines will be sent with the notification of grant approval.

Funding is approved based on the information provided in the initial application. Any substantial changes in a funded project from its description in the grant application must be approved in writing by Choral Arts New England, or grant funding may be rescinded in whole or in part. If a project cannot be completed during the period for which it was funded, normally the grant would be returned and the applicant encouraged to re-apply (without prejudice) in the future. Please notify us promptly should changes be necessary, so we can work with you.

When your project is completed, you must submit a final report of your experience with the project, plus an itemized financial statement of the project’s actual income and expenses and certain addenda described on the report form. These forms will be provided to the grant recipient when they are notified of their grant. You must submit your final report in a timely fashion after completion of your funded project, or you will be ineligible for future funding from Choral Arts New England.