The Western Wind Workshops in Ensemble Singing

June 29–August 11, 2018
Northampton, Mass.

Share the joy of ensemble singing! Our workshops are uniquely interactive, intense musical experiences. Each participant joins a small ensemble that is guided by a member of The Western Wind. Participants sing an intriguing selection of music that might include Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Early American, 19th and 20th century part-songs, rounds, hymns and folk-songs, jazz, pop, improvisations and more! In master-class sessions, The Western Wind addresses each singer’s individual development, fostering growth in skill and accomplishment. Because the ensembles are formed based on musical skills, the workshop is open to singers at all levels – professionals and amateurs, soloists and ensemble performers, conductors and music teachers.

A Kids Program and a Teen Program for teens 14 and up will take place the first weekend of Session I (June 29–July 1). The Teen Program may extend over the 5-day period subject to enrollment. These programs run concurrently with the adult program.

Pre-existing groups are welcome at Western Wind Workshops. Discounts available on tuition for groups of eight or more. Get a 10% discount if this is your first Western Wind Workshop. A 5% tuition discount is applied for Friends of the Western Wind. Partial scholarships available based on financial need.

  • Session I: June 29–July 1; July 2–7, 2018
  • Session II: August 3–5; August 6–11, 2018
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