Chorus Calendar Guide

The choral events calendar is a list of choral performances and other events of interest to choruses and choral singers in New England. The "Filter and Search" link lets you select events by dates (past and future), location, or words in the listing. If your device supports geolocation, you can also find events near your current location by clicking that link. Type in "Filter by chorus name" to show only performers that start with those characters; click the "List performers" button to get a listing of all performers, and click on a name to show all events by that performer. Normally, the calendar is restricted to the current performance season (starting in the fall). Search or browse past seasons using the "Season" pulldown menu.

Click on the calendar icon iCal to the left of an entry to download the event to your calendar app.

Convenient bookmarkable links for places or dates can be constructed; for example:

  • Calendar/MA shows only events in Massachusetts, and Calendar/CTVTMA includes only Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Use the state abbreviations in any order.
  • Calendar/state/city/distance shows events within a distance (in miles) from the named city; for example, Calendar/MA/Boston shows only events in Boston, and Calendar/MA/Boston/10 shows events within 10 miles of Boston. Use underscores for spaces (New Haven is written New_Haven).
  • Use Zip code: Calendar/02456/20 shows events within 20 miles of Zip code 02456.
  • Calendar/start_date/end_date shows events between the given dates. Date format: 2017-01-31 is  Jan. 1, 2017.

The little shaded box in the lower right corner of the computer screen (not on mobile devices) has checkboxes to hide event descriptions (reveal them by double-clicking the event title); show only the first line of each event (click on an event & hold the mouse to reveal the rest); or collapse dates—hide all events (click on any date to show/hide events for that date). Click on "back to top" to scroll to the first listing.

On mobile devices, descriptions are always hidden; tap on the title to see them.

Highlight any repeated performances by hovering the cursor over the event time. Hold the highlighting by clicking; you can then scroll to find the repeat performances, which will also be highlighted. Generate a direct link to any event by double-clicking on the event time; the time becomes a link, which can be copied and pasted.

All are welcome to submit appropriate events for inclusion by completing the submission form. Submissions are reviewed by a moderator shortly after receipt, and may be edited for brevity and format before being approved. A promotional flier may be uploaded with the event; all fliers are available for download at the event's listing.

Note: You can see a "live" chart of the number of calendar events per week by going to More options for statistics are documented elsewhere. Other interesting options: a list of performance venues and of performers for the current year.