Voices United

Effective date for entry: 3/9/2021

Contact information

Mailing address:400 South County Trail
Suite A105
Exeter, RI 02822
Web address:https://voicesunited.wixsite.com/mixedchorus


Located in Providence, RI 02903

Voices United exists to: ● Provide an inclusive, high quality, mixed gender a cappella singing experience ● Encourage collaboration and interaction between different singing communities ● Develop its members into leaders who apply their learning to other experiences ● Entertain and inspire new audiences, while educating about mixed harmony

In this group, we value:

Open Hearts: Everything we do is motivated by love of self, love of others, and love of music. We are welcoming to people of all gender identities, racial and ethnic identities, religious and political affiliations, ages, states of ability and disability, and stages of musical journey. This attitude is reflected in the ways we speak, interact, and perform.

Commitment to Self: In honoring our own full potential, we bring our full selves to everything we do. This includes giving full effort to the development of our musical craft, expressing ourselves openly, honestly, and appropriately, and contributing to the group in ways that honor our unique gifts and abilities. Follow-Through: We communicate our expectations for each other clearly and frequently.

When we make promises, we fulfill them, and our community holds us accountable if we don’t.

Music Director:Chad Putka & Elyssa Hurley
Year founded:2018
Number of Singers:50
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • Dues required

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