Mak'hela, the Jewish Chorus of Western MA

Effective date for entry: 9/8/2019

Contact information

Mailing address:Mak’hela, Inc., P.o. Box 2153
Amherst, MA 01004


Located in Northampton MA 01004

Mak’hela draws its repertoire from all facets of Jewish heritage. We sing music in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, English, and other languages,and also original music written and arranged by our own award-winning music director, Dr. Elaine “Lainee” Ginsberg. • Discover Jewish Roots as you go back in time to sing liturgical music by the Italian-Jewish17th century composer Salamone Rossi • Sing Yiddish folk songs the way your ancestors once sang in the “old country” • Tap your feet as you experience upbeat Hebrew folk songs • Learn to sing the music of great Jewish-American Composers such as Gershwin and Bernstein Mak’hela is open to all adults of different backgrounds.

All singers and all vocal types are welcome. The ability to read music is not necessary, but helpful.  Downloads/CDs of our music are available for individual practice.

Music Director:Elaine Ginsberg
Year founded:2003
Number of Singers:35
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • No auditions required
  • Dues required

Chorus contact Person: Elaine Ginsberg, Music Director, tel: 603-357-3192

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