Consonare Youth Chorus

Effective date for entry: 8/06/2018

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Mailing address:P.O. Box 338
Mansfield Center, CT 06250


Consonare Youth Chorus has vibrant singing opportunities for all youth, ages 6-14 years of age. ​

Consonare Youth Chorus (ages 6-11) - Our young singers will have the opportunity to sing quality children's choral music in 2-3 parts, in different world languages, and in a variety of tonalities and meters. The musical instruction in this chorus will focus on healthy vocal production and tone, as well as sequentially building skills for independent choral musicianship. Children in Consonare Youth Chorus will have opportunities to sing combined choral pieces with the women's choir, as well as opportunities to sing with other children's choirs.*

CYC Scholars (ages 10-14) - The CYC Scholars will follow the same mission at the Consonare Youth Chorus, with the addition of building more advanced music literacy skills. Singers will learn to become sight readers in both rhythm and melody through the use of moveable "do" solfege. They will also gain an awareness of vertical harmony which will give them an understanding of how their part fits within the whole musical piece. Students will help in selecting choral repertoire for the ensemble, and they will also serve as mentors to the singers in the younger chorus. *Our Women's Choir, called Choir Matrix, rehearses at the exact same time so caregivers can engage in singing with other women while their children participate in the Consonare Youth Chorus.

Affiliation(s):Consonare Choral Community
Music Director:Kate Smallidge
Year founded:2018
Number of Singers:15-30
Voice parts:Children, mixed

  • No auditions required
  • Dues required

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