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Effective date for entry: 2/14/2018

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Providence, RI 02903
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Professional chorus.

Dedicated to enriching Rhode Island through the choral arts, Collegium Ancora performs choral music from ancient times and modern, sacred and secular. Collegium Ancora is among the newest of New England's professional ensembles, currently in residence at Grace Church in Providence. The 24-voice chamber choir was founded in 2016 to diversify the musical offerings available in the region, and to capitalize on the artistry of skilled musicians who maintain other careers. While all singers on the roster meet the highest standards of excellence in music performance, their day jobs range from music directors & educators to social workers, therapists, clergy, architects, university professors, and more. New singers are auditioned on a rolling basis and are added to the roster if successful. Singers for a given concert will be selected from the larger roster based on availability, voicing, etc. Auditions from skilled basses are especially welcome.

Collegium Ancora aims to be "a professional chamber choir for the Ocean State". In addition to performing at venues statewide and around the region, this means cultivating innovative partnerships with other organizations, and sharing music as widely as possible. The ensemble relishes these opportunities, and welcomes invitations from communities and organizations throughout southern New England.

Music Director:Vince Edwards
Year founded:2016
Number of Singers:24
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required

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