Elm City Girls' Choir

Effective date for entry: 7/16/2011

Contact information

Mailing address:c/o United Choir School
341 Quinnipiac Ave.
New Haven, CT 06513
Web address:www.unitedchoir.com/


United Choir School is Connecticut's leading provider of choral ensembles for girls. The program currently serves over 550 students, ages 6-18, from 40 towns and 150 schools throughout the state. Its mission is to enable its choristers to experience the joy of realizing their full potential, both as musicians and as human beings, while working together in a cooperative, professional environment.

Elm City Girls' Choir is an elite and rigorous magnet program which provides conservatory-level musical training and performance opportunities to a select group of exceptionally talented choristers from all around the state. The Elm City Girls' Choir is open by invitation to choristers who have sung in the United Girls' Choir for at least one year.

The curriculum focuses on the cultivation of leadership skills, musicianship, confidence, and musical literacy, while emphasizing the importance of sisterhood, teamwork, commitment, integrity, and respect. Staff members and choristers work together as colleagues with the common goal of creating an atmosphere that is both challenging and fun. Peer leadership and mentoring are strongly encouraged.

Affiliation(s):United Choir School
Music Director:Thomas Brand
Year founded:1993
Number of Singers:90
Voice parts:Children, girls

  • Auditions required
  • No dues required

Chorus contact Person: Leah Moriarty, Administrative Assistant

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