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Mailing address:11 Wellesley Ave.
Natick, MA 01760-3712


Professional chorus.

A professional choral ensemble based in the Natick/Wellesley area that presents the very best in music from the Renaissance to the present day.

Each member of the group sings choral works with the whole ensemble as well as solos and in smaller ensembles. Director Leonardo Ciampa has vast experience as a vocal coach and accompanist, both here and in Italy. He is known for achieving a unified choral sound based on pure vowels, flawless intonation, and the belief that every singer who sings healthily with his or her own voice helps, not hinders, blend. Our goal is to present our repertoire with the utmost sensitivity to color, expression, and historical performance practice for all music, not just early music.

MWCA is a collaborative organization in which each of the members helps with publicity and administrative duties. Each singer is paid an equal share of the proceeds of ticket sales for each concert.

Music Director:Leonardo Ciampa
Year founded:2011
Number of Singers:18
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required

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