Maiden Vermont

Effective date for entry: 1/26/2018

Contact information

Mailing address:c/o Lindi Bortney
P.o. Box 178
Ripton, VT 05766


Located in Salisbury, VT 05769

If you love to sing, can sing on pitch, and can hold a part, join us! We don't limit ourselves to standard barbershop \&\#8211; you'll be singing doo-wop, swing, Broadway show tunes, spirituals, the Blues and other great tight-harmony pieces. Our chorus, or small groups from our chorus, sing regularly at fundraisers for non-profit organizations, summer, fall and holiday festivals, reunions, naturalization ceremonies, and private functions.

Rehearsals are Thursday evenings at the Salisbury School in Salisbury, VT. Singers who are interested in joining are invited to come to a rehearsal and listen and decide if they would like to audition. Details are on the website.

Music Director:Lindi Bortney
Year founded:2004
Number of Singers:45
Voice parts:Adults, women

  • Auditions required
  • Dues required

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