Young@Heart Chorus

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Mailing address:30 N Maple Street
Florence, MA 01062


The Young@Heart Chorus strives to present a positive image of aging through music. Born of a belief that the often-marginalized elderly can make great contributions to art, we perform songs not commonly sung by older people to build bridges between communities and create shared musical experiences for young and old alike. Young@Heart works to show that age is never a barrier to making great music, and that no life circumstance should act as a barrier to participating in or enjoying it.

This group of seniors, ranging in age from 73-92, has performed from Northampton to New Zealand, Europe to Japan, on over 30 international tours proving it’s “possible to grow old without growing boring.”

In 2014, we launched our PrisonVision program forming choruses of incarcerated singers in two local prisons and offering weekly rehearsals and live performances backed by the Y@H bringing together two often overlooked populations. Our prison work continues today.

Our annual Mash-Up series pairs Y@H onstage with the nation's best youth choirs to smash stereotypes and bridge the generation gap. Renowned collaborators include Staten Island's PS22 Chorus, Chicago Children's Choir, Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and SciTech Band.

The chorus auditions new voices at its rehearsals. The minimum age is 75 and you must live year-round within a 40-mile radius of Northampton. See the website and email for details.

Music Director:Bob Cilman
Year founded:1982
Number of Singers:24
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • No dues required
  • Commercial recordings

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