Wescustago Youth Chorale

Effective date for entry: 2/24/2020

Contact information

Mailing address:P.O. Box 67
Yarmouth, ME 04096
Web address:www.wescustago.org


The Chorale’s mission is to provide a non-sectarian auditioned choral group for talented young men and women in grades three through twelve that will offer a positive peer environment for both musical and social development. Musicianship is developed through instruction in vocal production, sight singing, ear training, and performance skills. The source of social development is an atmosphere within the chorale where human sensitivity, character, self-discipline and confidence are nutured.

The Chorale consists of singers from ages 8 to 18 from 12 area towns. Under the direction of Drew Albert of Gardiner and Renovia Marro Day from Topsham, these singers have a wonderful sound when they sing together and in their three different choirs. The choirs are: 1. Haraseeket Singers, a preparatory choir for students in grade 3-5; 2. Kennebec Singers, a treble choir for students with intermediate musicianship skills, grades 6-8; 3. Wescustago Singers, an SATB choir, including changed male voices, for more advanced singers.

Music Director:Renovia Marro Day and Drew Albert
Year founded:1998
Number of Singers:70
Voice parts:Children, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • Dues required

Chorus contact Person: Leigh Palmer, Managing Director

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