East Bay Summer Chorus

Effective date for entry: 11/16/2013

Contact information

Mailing address:17 Naomi Street
Bristol, RI 02809
Web address:www.ebswe.org/chorus.htm


The EBSC was begun in the late 1970’s as part of the East Bay Association for the Arts, under the direction of Mr. Charles Mello and was reinstituted recently by Mr. Richard Sylvia. It is a Summer Concert Choir comprised of community singers of all ages and abilities that practice and perform a wide variety of fun, exciting and challenging concert literature.

Rehearsals are held every Thursday from late May until mid-August. Our mission is to provide musicians entering grades 9 through adult with a quality summer music experience. Please consider encouraging your students to participate if they have had at least one year of choral singing experience. Music literacy, while a great plus, is not required. They will be given several tools to assist them in learning the material. They can expect three public performances this season.

Affiliation(s):East Bay Summer Wind Ensemble
Music Director:Richard Sylvia
Year founded:1977
Number of Singers:
Voice parts:Adults & Children, mixed

  • No auditions required
  • No dues required

Chorus contact Person: David M. Marshal, Director, East Bay Summer Wind Ensemble

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