Cambridge Chinese Choral Society

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Mailing address:c/o Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139


Founded by a group of students and professionals at MIT who share a common interest in choral music as well as the Chinese culture and tradition, CCCS has brought together members from all educational and professional backgrounds. Through weekly practices and frequent social functions, our members have developed close friendships and lasting bonds. Besides bi-annual concerts in winter and spring held at MIT, CCCS is also active in the local Chinese community. We've participated in art and music festivals sponsored by the Republic of China, performances sponsored by the Tzu-Chi Foundation for international disaster relief and performances at local nursing homes, and special events sponsored by the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce.

CCCS sings a wide variety of music, ranging from traditional Chinese songs to historical sonnets and hymns of Tang and Song Dynasties; from European classical religions hymns to Broadway musicals; from Taiwanese aborigional pieces to Italian operas; from traditional jazz and blues to African American sole music. We hope to introduce Chinese music/culture to the MIT community and at the same time become better acquainted with western music. We hope this cultural exchange will bring our audience as much joy and pleasure as it does us.

Affiliation(s):Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Music Director:Yufen Yen
Year founded:1992
Number of Singers:36
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • No auditions required
  • No dues required

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