Greater Keene Pops Choir

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Mailing address:P.O. Box 1244
Keene, NH 03431


The Greater Keene Pops Choir is a unique performing ensemble in the Greater Keene, New Hampshire community. We sing American popular music in all its many styles. Now, in our 34th year, we are bigger than ever, loving the music we sing, and the joyous spirit that abounds in the choir. Singing in the Keene Pops Choir brings joy to the soul, creativity to the mind and healing energy to the body. We’re from many communities in New Hampshire, Vermont & Massachusetts. Singers with The Pops have a wide range of experience in music. Singers don’t have to audition, but they do have to be able to sing their assigned parts with accurate pitch. Knowing how to read a bit of music helps too, but it isn’t required! The basic goal of the group is to perform in many styles of American popular music, learn good singing technique and have a fun and relaxing time. The Pops enjoys a family atmosphere, with a lot of laughs to go with our work toward presenting the best concerts we can!

Al Thrasher established the Greater Keene Pops Choir in 1979 as a group that would sing the many styles of American Music. With Hugh Bird as conductor and Rene Brosseau as accompanist, 27 singers became the founding members of the group. Today the average membership is about 100 performers, with more participating in our Holiday Concert at the end of the fall semester. The group presents one major performance each December and May, with occasional benefit performances as well.

Music Director:Diane Cushing
Year founded:1979
Number of Singers:100
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • No auditions required
  • Dues required

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