Lincoln Festival Chorus

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Mailing address:P.O. Box 391
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
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The chorus meets in the summer and is the cornerstone of the Lincoln Arts Festival. Rehearsals are at the Congregational Church of Boothbay Harbor. The chorus was founded by Marion Dash and Malama Robbins.

Members of the chorus travel several miles each week from area towns to rehearse during the busy summer months, and in 20 years have given at least one or two concerts each season, with a variety of programs including sacred and secular classics and popular show tune favorites. The variety of music reflects many of the interests and backgrounds of the singers, who are artists, accountants, teachers, carpenters, counselors, doctors, boat builders, fishermen, parents, sailors, gardeners and business men and women. The common denominator in music makes us a spiritual community of people who love to sing for joy and the challenges music presents.

Affiliation(s):Lincoln Arts Festival
Music Director:Linda Blanchard
Year founded:1980
Number of Singers:70
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • No auditions required
  • Dues required

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