Handel and Haydn Society

Effective date for entry: 10/19/2019

Contact information

Mailing address:9 Harcourt St
Boston, MA 02116
Web address:www.handelandhaydn.org


Professional chorus.

The Handel and Haydn Society is internationally acclaimed for its performances of Baroque and Classical music. Based in Boston, H+H’s Orchestra and Chorus delight more than 50,000 listeners each year with a nine concert subscription series at Symphony Hall and other leading venues, in addition to a robust program of intimate events in museums, schools, and community centers. The ensemble embraces historically informed performance, bringing classical music to life with the same immediacy it had the day it was written. Through the Karen S. and George D. Levy Education Program, H+H also provides engaging, accessible, and broadly inclusive music education to thousands of children each year. H+H has performed for 204 consecutive seasons, the most of any arts organization in the United States and is unique for its longevity, capacity for reinvention, and distinguished history of premieres.

Music Director:Harry Christophers
Year founded:1815
Number of Singers:46
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • Commercial recordings

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