Gloriae Dei Cantores

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Mailing address:P.O. Box 2831
Orleans, MA 02653


The internationally renowned choir Gloriae Dei Cantores (Singers to the Glory of God) holds a passionate dedication to find and express the most authentic and compelling interpretation of sacred choir music of all historical periods and styles.

Gloriae Dei Cantores sings in 18 languages and has performed in 23 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. It has a discography of more than 30 recordings and has appeared on the concert stage and in recordings with such artists as John Williams, Keith Lockhart, Samuel Adler, Mark O'Connor, Vladimir Minin, Stephen Cleobury, and the late George Guest.

In addition to touring internationally and across the United States, the choir sings weekly worship services at the Church of the Transfiguration in Orleans, MA, and hosts a concert series of great choir masterworks. Singers, who range in age from 17 - 70, come from a wide variety of occupations, Christian traditions, and musical backgrounds, yet share a common depth of faith and commitment which is expressed in their singing.

Gloriae Dei Cantores Schola is dedicated to the singing and study of Gregorian chant. Its experience and expertise come from daily chanting of the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as the Ordinary and Proper of the Mass.

Gloriae Dei Artes ( is a foundation dedicated to the pursuit of beauty and truth in celebration of the Arts, sharing inspiration and education with others.

Affiliation(s):Gloriae Dei Artes
Music Director:Richard K. Pugsley
Year founded:1988
Number of Singers:40
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • No dues required
  • Commercial recordings

Chorus contact Person: Blair Tingley, Booking Manager, tel: 508-255-4685 ext.202

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