Ensemble Altera

Effective date for entry: 2/28/2021

Contact information

Mailing address:19 Peppermint Lane
Johnston, RI 02919
Web address:www.ensemblealtera.com/


Professional chorus.

A leading American chamber choir dedicated to bringing thoughtful, engaging, and relevant programs of choral music to in-person and digital audiences at home and around the world. The name Altera comes from the Italian word for change, and the ensemble prides itself in its truly transformative approach to music-making.

Altera has developed a reputation with audiences for bold programming that invites listeners to imagine connections between works from many different historical perspectives to tell one unified and edifying story. Some of these projects include ‘illumine’, centering on the myriad representations of light across the repertoire, ‘Hail Mary’, a concert based on Marian themes, and ‘Music For Elizabeth’, a program devoted to music heard in Elizabeth I's court.

Music Director:Christopher Lowrey
Year founded:2018
Number of Singers:20
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required

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