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Crescendo's mission is to give to listeners and performers in the Northwest corner communities of Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York an alive experience of classical music. In part this is achieved by cultivating a repertoire that is not usually heard in this region: musical gems of Early Music as well as 20th century and contemporary works. Interactive performances, lectures and workshops and a historically-informed rehearsal style make Crescendo a unique organization in which instruction and inspiration go hand in hand. Crescendo's music programs are mainly produced by its own ensembles, The Crescendo Chorus, The Crescendo Vocal Ensemble, The Crescendo Baroque Ensemble and The Crescendo Period Instrument Orchestra. Occasionally Crescendo also presents such renowned national and international musical ensembles and soloists as "I Fagiolini", L'Orchestre Du Chambre Francaise, Peter Sykes and Paul Badura Skoda. Crescendo's concert and workshop season occurs mainly in the spring and fall, when there is not an overload of festivals and cultural events in the region.

The Crescendo Chorus brings together in the joy of singing and learning about music about 40-50 auditioned amateurs from all ages and professions. The choir performs classical choral works, both secular and religious, a cappella and with orchestra.

Rehearsals are held weekly from January to June and September to November. Besides that, for each project our dedicated singers attend at least two rehearsal weekends and a series of additional sectional rehearsals. Study CDs with music and language work units support the learning process.

The chorus has professional section leaders in each voice group to guide and support the amateur voices. All choir singers are encouraged to take part in the workshops offered generally on the rehearsal day. Many of them are geared to improve reading skills, understanding of choral repertoire and build up the voice of the choral singer.

Music Director:Christine Gevert
Year founded:2003
Number of Singers:50
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

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