Seraphim (Seraphim Singers)

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Mailing address:11 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


Since its debut performance, Seraphim has garnered critical acclaim for its advanced technique and superb sense of style in performing sacred masterworks composed over the centuries to the current day. The ensemble has created a niche among Boston’s performing elite through unique thematic programming that explores spiritual themes of divine transcendence, human longing, suffering, and protest. Our membership includes musicians from many walks of life, all with a passion for singing arresting repertoire.

Seraphim performs choral works which illuminate critical topics, including homelessness, climate change, racial justice, and other social issues, and open a window on the Divine. Our concerts are designed to offer new perspectives, challenging audiences and sparking inspiration to make our community and our world better.

In residence at First Church in Cambridge, Seraphim’s programs echo social justice concerns central to First Church’s mission. Beyond that, Seraphim - and members of its audience - have become involved in supporting their ministries to the homeless and those living on the margins through donations of food and clothing.

Central to Seraphim’s identity is its commitment to the creation and performance of new music. Seraphim has commissioned many works from a distinguished and diverse roster of composers, especially seeking to highlight and commission works by women and people of color. Jennifer Lester’s thematic programming brings new compositions on timely themes into dialogue with works from the tradition in ways that further our mission to illuminate, challenge, and inspire.

By integrating the new with the old, Seraphim consistently brings to light the timeless transcendence inherent in all great sacred choral music.

Music Director:Jennifer Lester
Year founded:1997
Number of Singers:32
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • No dues required
  • Commercial recordings

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