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Mailing address:14 Maine Street, Suite 209
Brunswick, ME 04011


Founded on the campus of Bowdoin College, Vox Nova features singers from Midcoast, Southern, Central and Northern Maine. The ensemble seeks to champion the expansive body of modern and contemporary choral repertoire and to expose its audiences to distinct and incomparable performances of new music.

Known for adventurous, if not slightly subversive programming and a sleek, resonant sound, Vox Nova delivers bold and polished performances of repertoire considered largely inaccessible to the average musician. The choir’s programming draws upon music and composers from all over the world with particular emphasis on the choral contemporaries of Northern Europe.

According to the demands of its repertory, Vox Nova specializes in the vocal and performance techniques of twentieth and twenty-first century music such as the use of the extreme ranges of the voice and mastery of ensemble intonation to satisfy a wide scope and complexity of chords and intervals beyond those of traditional tertian harmony. It is not unusual to encounter unfamiliar tonalities (i.e., bitonality, polytonality) and scales (octatonic, whole tone, chromatic), complex harmonic language (quartal and quintal harmonies, polyvalence), and advanced compositional devices such as aleatory and multi-meter.

Vox Nova’s repertoire is largely a cappella because the repertory is vast and ever-expanding and because the possibilities for creating music with the human voice are inexhaustible. As a chamber ensemble among many other classical performers in Maine, Vox Nova also seeks opportunities to collaborate with other musicians and instrumental forces.

Music Director:Shannon M. Chase
Year founded:2009
Number of Singers:38
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • No dues required

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