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Summer 2017 Choral Programs in (and near) New England

Summer is a perfect time for getting out of old routines and devoting time to music. New England holds some special retreats that offer programs where choral singers can get away for a week or more to focus and learn; elsewhere, singers take advantage of summer freedom to rehearse and perform a special choral work. Many choruses open their doors to the public to host “summer sings,” where participants sing a masterwork in a single session under expert direction, and often with professional soloists— a perfect way to participate in great music with a minimum commitment.

News Highlights 2005

Choral Arts New England presented its 2005 Alfred Nash Patterson Grants on Sunday, October 16, 2005 at All Saints Parish, Brookline, Mass.; Choral Arts New England presented its 2004 Alfred Nash Patterson Grants at a ceremony in Amherst, Mass., on November 14, 2004; and a grant profile of Coro Allegro And Patricia Van Ness.