"Six Degrees" Workshops Address Climate Change

The Vermont professonal chorus Counterpoint is presenting a series of workshops throughout the state during the 2018–2019 season that are designed to educate and motivate young students on the dangers of human-caused climate change. The program is called "Six Degrees," a double reference both to the cataclysmic result of the warming of the planet by six degrees Celsius, and to the “six degrees of separation” that connect all of humanity. The program is available to schools and community organizations throughout Vermont for the symbolic fee of $350.00.

The project is designed for elementary, middle and high schools and gives schools considerable freedom to individually customize the experience. It involves a participatory workshop for students with the members of Counterpoint that includes singing together, learning fairly simple songs, discussing related issues, and viewing of song videos. Schools can choose to perform different music according to the ability levels of the students. Where possible, students will prepare one or more complex works in advance with their music teachers. The workshop culminates in a free performance at a school assembly or evening community event, where the students will present the musical selections that they have learned alongside the professional singers, and Counterpoint will perform portions on their own, all with the background visuals.

Six Degrees uses singing together to engender a broad discussion among teachers, students, and communities about ways to address climate change in our society. These topics could include the benefits of changing from a fossil-fuel-driven economy to renewable and efficient energy systems; food sustainability; land use and planning; air and water stewardship; waste management; energy audits and weatherization; and general cooperation with and compassion for humanity worldwide. Related resources provided through the workshops may include booklets for schools and fliers from local businesses, government agencies, and non-profits, to inspire young and old to mobilize for a more sustainable world.

For more information, see www.counterpointchorus.org/six-degrees-school-workshops or email contact@counterpointchorus.org.

Effective date: 
Saturday, February 9, 2019