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The Children's Chorus of Springfield

Effective date for entry: 5/22/2013

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Mailing address:361 Sumner Ave
Springfield, MA 01108


Our mission is threefold: to teach music literacy through singing, to help the children develop important life skills, and to encourage their active participation in the city's vibrant arts community. The organization is based on the founders' belief that as children participate in the Chorus, they receive invaluable musical and performance training, learn how to work together, gain self-discipline and control, and become responsible citizens of the world.

Continuing to grow steadily, the Chorus now provides training to singers from 25 public, charter and parochial schools as well as the home-schooled community. CCS sits in Residence at Trinity United Methodist Church, whose members have generously donated space and resources for rehearsals and concerts. The Children's Chorus of Springfield is a citywide chorus that continues to foster creative talent from all ages.

Auditions are held in the spring. Children are asked to echo simple note patterns and sing a familiar song. Tuition is modest and takes into consideration the family's ability to pay.

Music Director:E. Wayne Abercrombie
Year founded:2007
Number of Singers:70
Voice parts:Children, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • Dues required
  • Commercial recordings

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