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Musica de Filia

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Mailing address:550 Forest Avenue
Portland, ME 04101


The goal of Musica de Filia is to provide superb choral performance training and performance opportunities for girls and women. Girls & Women learn and perform a wide variety of choral music styles, including classical, Broadway, holiday, sacred, Gospel, traditional and contemporary American and foreign language choral music. We provide a warm and friendly environment emphasizing poise, self-discipline, and musical excellence. Members hail from 29 southern and central Maine communities.

The Lyric Choir is for our youngest singers and those who are new to choral music, generally grades 2-4. The Apprentice Choir is for girls in grades 4-6 who are ready to sing more challenging music. Singers in grades 7-9 are members of our Concert Choir. The Chamber Choir is comprised of singers in grades 10-12. The Women's Choir is for all women 18 and up.

All of the choirs of Musica de Filia perform in a December holiday concert and in a May springtime concert. Other performance opportunities are likely during the year as well.

Musica de Filia is a full-academic-year program. Tuition is due in September and again in January.

Music Director:Jaye Churchill
Year founded:1997
Number of Singers:235
Voice parts:Adults, women

  • Auditions required
  • Dues required

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