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Cantemus Chamber Chorus

Effective date for entry: 2/27/2013

Contact information

Mailing address:P.O Box 784
Ipswich, MA 01938


The auditioned members of Cantemus are serious amateur and professional musicians who share a love for singing and embrace varied repertoires and styles. We will continue to develop our musicianship, readily accepting the many challenges that are a part of learning great music and giving fine performances. Our standard is to be recognized as the premier chamber chorus on Boston's North Shore. Our logo says: "Small Chorus, Grand Sound."

Adventurous and varied programming, drawing from the best of chamber chorus repertoire, features either a cappella performances or piano/organ accompaniment; as needed, we will engage instrumental ensembles or small orchestras.

Music Director:Jane Ring Frank
Year founded:1982
Number of Singers:40
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • No dues required

Chorus contact Person: Marcy Homer, Development Chair, tel: 978-468-3036

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