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Boston Choral Ensemble

Effective date for entry: 2/28/2014

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Mailing address:P. O. Box 170141
Boston, MA 02117


The Boston Choral Ensemble provides opportunities for singers and audiences to enjoy and learn about challenging, high-quality choral music. Our programs are varied and engage listeners both intellectually and emotionally. In recent years, programs have included musical monuments like Rachmaninoff's All-Night Vigil (Vespers) and Pärt's seldom-heard Passio, 20th century classics like Swayne's Magnificat or Fine's The Hour-Glass, masterworks of the Renaissance such as Byrd's Mass for Five Voices and Lassus's Lagrime di San Pietro, and other works by composers such as Britten, Distler, Howells, Josquin, Miskinis, Poulenc, Schütz, Tallis, and Victoria.

Music Director:Andrew Shenton
Year founded:2001
Number of Singers:40
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • Dues required

Chorus contact Person: Indra Raj, Vice President of Planning and Development, tel: 720-256-0313

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